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I want to keep this super simple, and I’m not here to try to “sell” you anything. Just a few words about who I am, what we do and an invitation for you to contact me.


We help local Tucson businesses generate more business from the internet.


My name is Kendrick. I grew up here in Tucson where I live with my wife and 2 dogs, and I do “digital marketing” for local companies, both here in Tucson and throughout the country.


With the internet playing such a vital role in how consumers make decisions these days, there’s no shortage of things to pay attention to. From proper web design (making sure you’re “mobile optimized” for all sizes of hand-held devices), to branding and promotion of your company name, to Facebook, Twitter and other social media, to video marketing (which is taking an ever bigger role in the internet)… it’s never ending.

If you’re involved with any kind of business at all, you probably get countless phone calls and emails from people offering to do all kinds of things online for you. They might offer to rebuild your website, promise prominent placement with Google or to create a marketing video for you, or maybe some kind of killer advertising deal… whatever it is, it probably sounds suspicious.



Digital marketing is vital to business, but there's so much that is so new, it can be nearly impossible to sort out.

There's probably no limit to the amount and types of “offers” you get presented almost daily. However, there are 2 things that likely stay consistent throughout all of them:

  1. What is it? It’s not terribly clear what they’re offering (or if you really need it in the first place. It’s not something you asked for - just an unsolicited cold-call).
  2. Who is it? The chances of you sitting down, in person and face-to-face to really discuss your business and what might be best for it, is about as likely as seeing a flying javelina over the Catalinas!

The fact that you’re here, at my website, probably means we already met and had a conversation. Either that, or someone I know or have done work for has sent you here.  I know that because I purposely don’t actively promote my website.


I only work with a small number of businesses here in Tucson because I want to make sure I understand what you want, and more importantly, deliver value to you.


How Much?

You won’t find a list of prices here, and I’ll tell you why; how could I have a price list if I don’t know anything about your business or what the work is going to be?


How long is a piece of string?

Your business is no “cookie-cutter” business... neither is my approach to helping you.

Kendrick / SEO Specialist

Owner of Kickin' Marketing


I have done work for everything from dog walkers to medical malpractice attorneys and multi-billion dollar financial companies.

The prices were not the same, but the approach was.

Anyone I work with, I learn what their business is like now, and what they would like it to be going forward. We discuss strategies and options that I can provide to help them get there, and look objectively at what that would mean for them in dollars and cents.

We then discuss the value of that growth and what a fair price would be to achieve it.

Your business is no “cookie-cutter” business - it’s yours. My approach to helping is equally personalized.

If you are interested in discussing more about working together, I would be happy to do so. I can’t promise anything other than honest feedback about whether I think I could help, and we can take it from there.

Thanks for your interest, and for taking the time to read my approach. If it makes sense and you would like to discuss it further with me, I would be happy to set something up with you.  Contact me.

All the best,